Who are you?
Ricky, who the fuck are you?

What are Hash Coins?
Well I got sick of fuckin' Corey and Trevor fuckin' around the park so I had bubbles create this Electereum coin he calls it some ERC20 bullshit. You apparently use some NEW wallet or some shit to buy them, hold them, or trade them.

How do I obtain Hash coins?
Through our ICO.

Will I be able to exchange these coins for cash?
The plan is to get these dirty cocksuckers listed on some exchanges.

Mint the coins, offer them for sale, list them on exchanges, and get businesses to use the little bastards. Maybe some tip bots, too. What the fuck else is there to know?

What will the money be used for?
The LC and pepperoni. Bubbles said we'll also try to get this shit listed on some exchanges.


Name: Hash Coin
Symbol: HASH
Max Token: 2,000,000 (if ETH cap is reached)
ETH Cap: 400
Deadline: August 31st, or until the ETH cap above is reached.

1 ETH = 5,000 HASH

Donation Address:

Can I send in fractions of ETH for HASH?
Fuckin' right.

Why such a small ETH cap compared to other ICO's?
Those cocksuckers are pullin' the big dirty. They don't need 20,000,000 to start up some bullshit smart contract jack-off emulator. That is fucked.

How do I buy Hash Coins?
Step 1:
Get your ass over to MyEtherWallet and set up a wallet.

Step 2:
Buy some Ethereum and send it to your newly created wallet above.

Step 3:
Send any amount of Ethereum to the contract address:
To Address: 0x4AF36685d35B8889A9d8801576B28b79C7AD8209
Amount to Send: Any amount of ETH.
Gas Limit: 200,000
Gas Price: 50 Gwei (this slider is located up top in the blue header)

Step 4:
To view your token balance:
1) Click 'Add Custom Token' button on the right-hand side and input the following:
Address: 0x4AF36685d35B8889A9d8801576B28b79C7AD8209
Token Symbol: HASH
Decimals: 18

Hit Save. Your balance will now update showing your HASH coins.


This website is in no way affiliated with any illegal substances and is no way represented by illegal or otherwise illicit activity. This website does not sell, promote, or cater to the sale of, any physical or otherwise electronic illegal goods and/or services.

Investors are purchasing ERC20 digital token built on the Ethereum network. These tokens are NOT securities and should not be treated as such.

This is a parody of the Canadian-based mockumentary television series 'Trailer Park Boys.' This websites and tokens are in no way affiliated with the series. A portion of the proceeds raised (if any) will be donated to the Trailer Park Boys to continue the series!


Good hearin' from you, we'll be in touch!